What does my house cost?

The great news about using a logical building system to construct your new house, is that it offers excellent value for money. As our properties are constructed off-site, in a controlled factory environment, we can build quicker, be more precise and maximise efficiency and work to your budget.

As Q Developments constructs exclusive properties, optimized to suit the needs and wishes of the clients, the budget calculation varies greatly from case to case.

The price is dependent on a range of factors, such as the nature of the particular site and its location. Basements and underground garages make a project much more expensive. It will also depend whether we will be supporting you with the planning process, or if this has already been taken care of.

We will work with you to maximise your budget and create the property you desire within your financial limits. There are also lots of unexpected benefits of building with Q Developments which helps control costs, as so much is included in the basic price of your house.

The basic price of your house includes:

  • All-glass gable or other options like wooden panels, ceramic tiles or durable laminated timber
  • Floor-to-ceiling glazing
  • Wide roof overhangs
  • External blinds
  • Balconies
  • High-quality kitchens
  • Ceramic tiles or parquet flooring
  • Ceramic Tiles for outdoor areas
  • Plumbing & lightning
  • Heat pump technology which can be connected to under floor heating as an optional extra
  • Plastered internal walls


Having all of this included in the price of your property, obviously reduces your costs prior to moving in and makes the process of construction much more straight forward and therefore quicker. This saves you money on labour costs, while ensuring the finish you want – it’s a win-win way of building!

Contact us to discuss your requirements and receive a quote on how much your ideal property would cost to construct, using our logical building system.