Property Investments and Management

We focus on opportunistic value add real estate investments in Spain, Benelux, Central America and Africa.

Quintestate offers a wide range of smart alternative investments featuring market-beating annual returns, in-built capital protection and a broad range of investment terms. With a low entry level and with options to provide regular income or capital growth, we have investments to suit the broadest range of investment goals.

Our real estate consultants help sole private investors, family offices, investment funds and developers to purchase investment properties. We have experience in handling residential, commercial and industrial assets and opportunities across Spain, Benelux and developing economies in Central America and Africa.

We can advise you on diversifying your portfolio of real estate investments by spreading your portfolio over different areas and property types. Another interesting option is to diversify by using a real estate investment trust, under which you can purchase a trust that is invested in a large portfolio of real estate and will offer you a dividend as a shareholder.

In addition, we offer property management services to maximise returns from any buy to let investments, while removing the stress from you as the owner.

Quintestate has the backing of three senior partners with decades of experience in the real estate, finance and investment sector.

Fernando Möller studied Economics in Barcelona before completing his Masters at USC in Los Angeles and embarking on a successful career in banking. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Eurofunding Advisory Group, created a real estate opportunity fund in 2001 and joined Quintessence group as a senior partner in 2014.

Rik De Ridder worked as a lawyer for 25 years before moving to Spain and becoming involved in real estate in 2000. He has nearly 20 years’ experience in different aspects of real estate activity including development, investments and consultancy and co-founded Quintessence in 2010 to offer real estate consultancy in Spain and Benelux.

Jose Herrero de Egaña has a background in foreign trade and international financing, having been the President of Ibadesa Exports and Services, President and Founder of Global Advising Services and President of the American Bank Security Bank & Trust. He has also been appointed as Economic Advisor and Consul of the Republic of Nicaragua and has been Senior Partner in Quintessence since 2017.

As legally registered real estate and investment professionals, with the expertise and experience of these eminent business leaders, we are well placed to advise and support you with your property investments. Find out more about us on our website, or contact us to find out how we can help you.