Quintessence is a real estate consultancy and developer, specialising in providing a wide range of real estate services, property management, consulting and construction projects in Spain and Benelux

Quintessence combines experience and know how in the fields of real estate consultancy, project development, industrial and residential construction and investments. This background and skills gives us the ability to take on a range of ambitious and cutting edge projects and deliver the results you want.

Our team is made up of engineering, marketing and economics experts with years of construction and real estate experience and the desire to innovate. We build off-site in factory conditions to improve quality, consistency and accuracy and radically decrease construction times.

As developers, we use logical building applications and have a passion for revolutionising the concept and process of construction. This drives us to build better, smarter and faster and offer exciting opportunities for our clients.

Our Senior Partners


Fernando Möller

Fernando studied Economics in Barcelona before completing his Masters at USC in Los Angeles. He had a successful career in banking in America, Spain and France before creating Euromanager, which became the leading local head hunting group in Spain. He is the Founder and Chairman on Eurofunding Advisory Group, which helps businesses obtain funding. He created a real estate opportunity fund in 2001 and joined Quintessence group as a senior partner in 2014.


Rik De Ridder

Rik studied Philosophy and Literature in Brussels, before studying law. After passing the Belgian Bar, he practiced commercial and company law, especially in the building sector for 25 years in Belgium. In 2000 he moved to Spain and has been involved in many different aspects of real estate activity including development, investments and consultancy, specialising in the areas of Barcelona, Madrid and the Costa del Sol. He co-founded Quintessence in 2010 to offer real estate consultancy in Spain and Benelux and is working with La Casa por el Tejado to develop offsite construction models and rooftop living solutions in Spain.


Jose Herrero de Egaña

Jose has a background in foreign trade, with many years as President of IBADESA EXPORTS AND SERVICES and President and Founder of Global Advising Services, dedicated to financing projects abroad. His work in foreign trade and international financing is remarkable, being President of the American Bank Security Bank & Trust, and Director and Advisor to many leading Spanish companies. He has also been appointed as Economic Advisor and Consul of the Republic of Nicaragua and has been Senior Partner in Quintessence since 2017.

Our knowledge, expertise and experience in real estate, construction, investments and international financing makes us the ideal partner to support you with your real investment assets and manage your property purchases and investments.

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The Liaison between Benelux and Spain & Portugal.

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