Professional Partnerships

We love to collaborate with quality professionals on exciting projects and can fit into your team wherever you need us, or take everything off your hands.

Our Building Services Incosys can be applied to a wide range of residential and commercial developments. It is a very flexible, practical and cost-effective construction method which can –

  • Realise the untapped potential of rooftop spaces
  • Create quality, modern accommodation for seniors and students
  • Construct apartment and villa developments with unbeatable turnaround times and high quality finishes and fittings
  • Build a wide range of commercial and industrial projects, from office buildings and warehouses, to hotels and supermarkets.

Whatever you are creating for your clients, we’re confident that our system and experienced team can support you with your project and help you build it quicker, better and for less.

By choosing Building Services Incosys for your project, you select an experienced, professional and flexible team and a tried and tested building system, which improves quality and efficiency on your project.

Our multidisciplinary team can offer a wide range of services to plan your property or development, including architectural services such as site inspections and supporting you with the planning application process. Our can engineers plan everything from the heating, plumbing and electrical installations to your bespoke ventilation strategy and provide extensive documentation to help the construction process go off without a hitch.

Use a wide range of these services, or just ask us to join the team for a specific element. If you are a professional architect, designer, engineer or developer, we can offer you our Building Services Incosys as part of your next project.

This system, our experienced team and our commitment to excellence means that you can rely on us to cut down the build time, improve consistency and quality and remove the uncertainty which comes from using multiple providers and trades.