Spain has a developed mortgage market for residential projects. Within this market you can find numerous lenders offering what can often be a bewildering variety of packages and it can be hard to choose what is the best option for you.

Quintestate can help you find the right financing formula for your individual circumstance and property goal. We can negotiate with Spanish and international banks on your behalf to ensure the very best mortgage deals from the best mortgage lenders. We have had success securing deals which are unattainable elsewhere by this method.

Another option is to tap into the funds and investment vehicles coming into Spain from abroad to that co-invest with local developers or finance a wide variety of residential projects. This is a dynamic and fast moving sector which is aiding professionals and developers to fund exciting new developments and we can help you access this funding opportunity.

Our professional partners have also structured and closed several alternative-financing operations in residential and commercial projects in Spain and abroad. Through their offices in the US and Spain and its collaborators in the United Kingdom, our partners have direct access to a multitude of investors and funds seeking opportunities in the real estate sector in Spain.

As you can see there are many different finance options and the Quintestate team are on hand to access the right funding on the right terms for your property or project.

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