Building Services

As well as being Real Estate professionals, we are also developers, specialised in offsite construction methods, which we call our Building Services Incosys.

By choosing Quintestate for your project, you select one team who can do it all and a tried and tested building system, which improves quality and efficiency on your project.

Our multidisciplinary team can offer a wide range of services to plan your property or development, including architectural services such as site inspections and supporting you through the planning application process. Our engineers plan everything from the heating, plumbing and electrical installations to your bespoke ventilation strategy and provide extensive documentation to help the construction process go off without a hitch.

What is our Building Services Incosys and why is it so good?

Quintestate’s Building Services Incosys is making off-site, industrial construction a viable option for homeowners, developers and architects.

Supported and tuned by our partners, we are applying technology, innovation and off-site manufacturing techniques to the process of building properties.

This is not the future of building, it’s the present and we passionately believe that these proven construction methods should have been used more widely for a long time.

Our Building Services Incosys is an end-to-end construction method, which is better, faster and cheaper than traditional construction processes. We can help you to build better and the applications are endless!

We are guided by the experience, skills, and expertise of our partners in Spain and Belgium and our engineering prowess underlies all our projects. We are committed to improving the construction process through constant innovation and development to deliver the best results for our clients.

Whether it’s a single family home, a block of flats, a residential or commercial development, our logical building system can help you strike the perfect balance between standardization and one-off configuration.


The team behind our Logical Building system

Real Estate and Investment Consultants Quintestate are working in collaboration with Joan Artes, founder of the La Casa por el Tejado. Joan is a highly trained and experienced Architect who has built an innovative firm of architects based in Barcelona. They specialise in developing new rooftop spaces in the centre of historic cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Paris. Their extensive experience in industrial construction and passion for regenerating and extending historical city centre buildings makes them a perfect partner.

Find out more about Joan Artes

Find out more about the Quintestate Team.

Please contact us to discuss how our logical building system could improve the construction of your next property or development.